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Nowadays I have been working on some personal coding projects.

I made this website very recently (end of july 2021) and am keeping it updated, blog posts are coming.

I am also working on my new creative website, letting go of my previous one ( to create a more interesting and personal experience.

I like to challenge myself and sometimes do implement the ideas I get daily (I am writing them all but as time is limited and ideas aren't all meant to be developped).

Recently I started doing some Leetcode problem solving every day, keeping myself trained and efficient at writing algorithms. You can find my solutions on this Gitlab Repository I update every now and then.

I'm staying updated on the latest techs, often exploring new tools or framework when I am not improving on what I already know.

Making art

Outside of programming every day and thinking about computer science and tech, I love making art, particularly using photography but also music composition and 3D modeling.

Nowadays I like to go outside and take photos whenever I can, edit the best ones using Lightroom and Photoshop and then publishing at various places on the web.

My new creative website I talked about earlier has some of my most recent photography work.

Learning new languages

I am currently learning Italian, not bad at reading it but can't really speak it yet.


I am currently reading :


Friends are really important so here's a list of my friends websites you can check out, no favourite order of course (it's random)