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Why create a blog if there's no articles to read?

2021 August 5th


My first answer would logically be, content is coming very soon I have a lot of ideas I just need to write it down in a well organized and consise manner. So for my first article on this blog and as the very organized person I am (at least 50% of the time, when I am not looking at clouds over the window), I want to go over what it will take me to write an article.

For the content of this blog I want to talk about organizing one's life and programming. This will also be the opportunity for me to show my thought process going from an idea to a finished project. I won't speak about a particular idea or project in this article but I hope reading this will give you some tips on organizing your projects.

Idea and implementation

First we need to start with an idea, something to implement in a few hours or a few days, or maybe even a project spanning multiple weeks.

The idea could be something like "Learning to use X" or "Making a Y application using X" (X being a particular language/framework and Y a type of application here). After thinking about the idea I'll write down all the steps to implement this idea.

In general it would go something like this :

1. Get an idea to implement
2. Put down everything needed to implement the idea
3. Implement the idea 
    - Do X
    - Do Y
    - ...
    - Finish the implementation by doing Z 
    - Possible improvements : 
        - ...
4. Take notes along the process.
5. Put all the notes together and make a first draft.
6. In the meantime push the project on Github and publish/host it somewhere (if needed/possible)
7. Clean up the draft, add links and images to the article.
8. Publish the article.

For me it's really important to document and take note at every step of a project, even a little one because :

1. You learn a lot by writing down everything.
2. It serves as an archive for you to go back if needed to improve the project or even work on another one using similar elements.
3. If you happen to work with someone else on this project at some point it will be way easier for your counterpart to get up to speed.


At the end of the day, you wrote some good documentation for your project, a valuable article has been written explaining what is it about and maybe even how to install, implement or even re-create it and you learned a lot in the process.


There's no real downside to writing everything down except maybe taking a bit more time but you'll surely lose more at the end trying to understand what you meant.

Want to send me a message concerning this article or any other matter? Feel free to contact me either using the contact form in the bottom of the home page or on the platforms linked below.

Stay creative and have a nice day